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The Death of a Child by Steve Williams. "God's will" is not a correct or helpful explanation for the death of a child or other tragedies. This booklet explains the real meaning of human life in these areas of concern.

Do Not Sin against the Child. Tape A of the audio tape series in booklet form.

The Problem of Human Suffering. Tape 5 of the audio tape series in booklet form.

Why I Left Atheism. The author's own story in written form. Also available on audio tape 13.

Basic Evidences 4-Tract Series:

A Practical Man's Proof of God. Designed to be used as an evangelistic tool in reaching out to people with faith problems.

A Help in Understanding What God Is. A story about Flatland as related to God and man.

Who Created God? Answers a frequent question: "If God created the creation, who or what created God?"

What Was the Cause of the Beginning? A continuation of A Practical Man's Proof of God showing that, for the cosmos to be as it is, there must be design and thus a Designer.

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