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Revised April 2017

Some of the books/references are listed with the original publisher — many have been reprinted with a different publisher. Some of these books may be out of print from the original publisher, but may be available through local stores or through online sites such as amazon.com. See the bottom of this page for some of the addresses of publishers or sources. Some of these books may also be available at your local library. The links in the file go to reviews of the book in the Does God Exist? journal. A pdf file of our bibliography is available at this link. This bibliography is from the Does God Exist? program, 1555 Echo Valley Dr., Niles, MI 49120.

Apologetics, General

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Biblical Inspiration and World Religions

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The Paranormal and UFOs

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Philosophy and Morality

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Addresses of major publishers:

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A pdf file of our bibliography is available at this link.