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Blood is essential to life. Disease and spirits reside in blood.  To cure disease, bleed patient.
Both male and female possess "seed of life." Male has baby in him — woman = incubator.
Eating blood of animals forbidden. Raw blood used as beverage.
Do not eat animal that died naturally. No restrictions on manner of death.
Quarantine of certain diseases. No isolation of diseased.
Do not eat pork, scavengers (in Moses' day). No food restrictions.
Principles of avoiding bacterial contamination — one person to another. No rules of hygiene or isolation.
Human waste products to be buried. Human waste left on ground.
Human body can be opened for surgery. First operations done secretly because populace threatened doctors.
Burning clothes, washing self after contact with deceased man or animal. No recognition of contagion problems.
Earth is round, day and night taking place simultaneously. Earth is flat.
Earth is not physically supported.
None mentioned and Job 26:7
Earth held up by four elephants or Atlas (a man), etc.
The North is empty (our North Pole points out of our galaxy). Seeing a few stars to the North refuted this idea until 1932.
Space and stars are too large to be measured or counted. Attempts to number the astronomical bodies went on until 1932.
The creation sequence — plants, water creatures, birds, mammals, man, in that order. Most had man first.  All varied from correct concept.
The age of everything in the creation is the same. Different times for different objects.
The continents have "floated" away from a singular original land mass. Each continent was autonomous (until 1970).
Herbert Spencer's scientific principles. No scientific system of statements.
Lightning is produced naturally. Gods throw lightning bolts.
All men are blood relatives. Men have different origins.
The water cycle. Gods pour new water on land continuously.
Use of genetics in livestock. No recognition of inherited physical properties.
Snow and ice seen as valuable. Snow and ice seen as a scourge and waste.
Seaworthy ratio for ship construction — 30 x 5 x 3. Ships ratio not considered; only the beauty.
Concepts of id and ego. God induced behavior explanations.
Animals can be changed (mutated). No change possible.
Directional correctness. Directional error.
Distance accuracy. Errors in distances.
Hittite nation's existence. Denied until 1906.

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