Announcing the 2002 Does God Exist? Summer Seminar

For the past 34 years that the Does God Exist? program has been in existence, we have attempted to offer at least one major training program for Christians every year. These programs are either classroom programs or field trip programs designed to help Christians deal with the challenges of life in our modern world. Our field trip programs like the one in February of this year, are on-site discussions and explanations of phenomena and evidence related to faith and to the Bible. Our classroom programs are concentrated one-week programs which not only involve in-depth discussions of the scientific and biblical material, but also classes on how these things can be applied to teaching, evangelism, the Bible school, and family education programs. There are no prerequisites for the program, and there is no cost except room, board, and transportation. This summer, our program will be held on the campus of Rochester College in the Detroit area. Dormitory space and meals at reduced prices will be available during the seminar. In order to be able to prepare for the program, we are asking anyone who wishes to participate to register so that we can have materials for you (which are free) and make sure that we have adequate facilities. We do want to emphasize that this is for Christians and is not intended as an outreach to unbelievers. The classes will start on Monday, June 10, at 1:00 and will conclude at noon on Friday, June 14. Classes will be held each day of the program through 10:00 pm and will start at 9:00 AM. The program will include lab exercises, lectures, application classes, and discussions and will be taught entirely by John Clayton. For an outline of the seminar and a registration form, please fill out the form below and mail it to John Clayton, 1555 Echo Valley Drive, Niles, Michigan 49120, or e-mail us at

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