Three Books on Apologetics
by Timothy Gordon
Available from the author at 11898 W. Goldenrod Dr., Boise, ID 83713

Timothy Gordon is the assistant director of the Biblical Studies Center at Boise State in Boise, Idaho. He has been in several of our training programs over the years, and is beginning a ministry in apologetics. He has published three works in the area of apologetics which he is privately publishing. All three works are heavily documented, survey type works and contain useful quotes and approaches. They cost $4.00 each in bulk orders of ten or more. The three works are:

The Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God: Traditional Arguments, Criticisms, and New Directions—This 50-page book details the arguments that have been made in cosmology and how experts have responded to those arguments.

The Nature and Problem of Moral Evil: A Review and Analysis Toward Constructing a Biblical Theodicy—This 50-page book gives quotes of a variety of philosophers and theologians on the problem of evil and solutions to that issue.

Dictionary of 10 Biblical Interpretation Methods—A 58-page book with discussions of the history of religions, feminist, and postcolonial hermeneutics, and seven criticisms—source, form, redaction, rhetorical, canon, narrative, and reader-response.

We recommend these books for theology and philosophy students who want a good introduction to the three subject areas with a survey of major writers in the fields covered. This is an academic series for serious students.

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