Democracy Without God Won't Work!

We were sitting on a rock at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, talking about how different the world looked in that setting than it does in the realm of politics and human affairs. Joseph Kostesich told of a statement be had heard that explains why democracy will not work in Russia. His statement was "democracy without moral underpinnings is simply mob rule." "Suppose you had a society made up of three men and two women," he went on. "One of the men proposes a new law which says it is acceptable for men to abuse women. The new law is put up to a vote and the law passes--3 to 2. Is this a democracy? The answer is "No--it is simply mob rule."

It is ironical that, in the world today, the whole human rights issue seems to be integrated with the idea that democracy is the answer to all political problems. While the United States is pushing for democracy overseas, the basis of making a democracy work is being systematically removed in America. The only way a balanced, stable, functional political system can work is for everyone to agree on what is right and what is wrong. There was very little controversy about what was right and what was wrong 200 years ago because the Bible was accepted as a guide for moral conduct. The system was not perfect because people still did things they knew the Bible condemned--both on a personal and a political level-but the system worked.

Today we are not able to decide what is right and what is wrong. Much of our population deems all sexual behavior as acceptable. People who murder or steal are excused on the basis of bad childhood experiences or chemical problems. The majority of Americans are close to accepting the idea that, if a person is too old, too young, or has a problem of sufficient magnitude, the state should euthanize that person.

If you do not believe in God and in the Bible as God's plan for how man should live, then what do you use? The answer is Mob rule whatever the majority is willing to tolerate. The majority already tolerates abortion, and a landslide of other behaviors are being forced upon us. It is vital to the continued existence of democracy in America that we convince our countrymen that God does exist and that they can logically and rationally believe that. It is also vital that we show our young that the Bible system is not a negative wall of "don'ts," but a positive guide to happiness and successful living. What is right and what is wrong cannot be left to the legislators and lawyers. It must come from the Bible, a proven standard which is brought by the grass roots core of our society into every aspect of life. The Does God Exist? program is dedicated to this end. We encourage you to join us in teaching and motivating others to come to a positive, active, productive belief system that allows true democracy to exist.

                            John N. Clayton
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