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Cynthia Clayton The title for Cynthia's Corner


This is the 50th anniversary of the Does God Exist? ministry. In 1968 God placed a converted atheist and science teacher in a position to give a presentation at Harding University. With the help of his first wife, Phyllis, and the support and encouragement of many church friends, John Clayton started doing lectures on the basic premise that faith and science are compatible and mutually support each other. One of his most famous and often quoted lines is, “You don't have to put your brain in a tin can to believe in God. You can intelligently and rationally believe that ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.’ ”

This ministry has helped countless numbers of people come to faith in God or strengthen their faith in God. God has given believers and non-believers many reasons to believe that he is real and is the Creator and sustainer of everything. One way he has done this is through this ministry which gives evidences for belief in God, his Son, Jesus, and his Word, the Bible. These evidences are based on accumulated knowledge in many fields of science, Earth's history, and human history. If God is indeed the Creator of everything, then his creation and his Word (the Bible), reveal him to us and can never be in conflict.

The creation does indeed reveal the glory of its Creator (Psalm 19:1). Romans 1:20 says that we can know there is a God from the things he has made. All known, credible science supports the idea of intelligent design in creation. Every issue of this journal since 2007 has had statements by famous scientists who believe the creation was designed by an intelligent higher power. We call that power “God.”

Our world and the universe we live in are full of examples of God's intelligent design. We cannot look at the world and the universe without seeing complex order and design. John has written a series of books called Dandy Designs that showcase specific examples of the complex, intelligent design we see in all of God's creation.

The Bible gives many proofs of the existence of God and Jesus. It is not a science or history book, but any facts it reveals in those areas have never been proven wrong, and never will be. God's words are true. That is not blind faith because we have many evidences all around us and we build our lives around that belief. We praise God that he has for half a century made this ministry flourish, and allowed us to be tools in this work.

The Does God Exist? ministry team members are John and Cynthia Clayton, Roland Earnst, Linda Glover, and Karl Marcussen.

— Cynthia Clayton

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