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Nobel title

Article about Albert Eistein, theoretical physicist.

Albert Einstein

“God seems to have set nature as a clue, not a solution, to keep us yearning for him. And if someday we do understand the mechanisms for these macroevolutionary changes, and also the processes that led to the origin of first life, it will not lessen God. As with all discoveries, like when the genetic code in the double-stranded DNA was discovered, they will serve to underscore the magnanimity of God.”

“As a scientist and a Christian (Messianic Jew), I am unsure of many things in both science and faith. But my many questions are not fundamental to my salvation. Salvation is based upon the finished work of Jesus Christ (Yeshua the Messiah), my confession in him as Savior and my belief in his physical resurrection from the dead. Indeed, the physical resurrection is an atypical example where God works beyond the normally observed physical laws of science in order to accomplish his purposes. Therefore it’s called a miracle. And thanks be to God for his indescribable gift.”
— https://www.jmtour.com/personal-topics/evolution-creation/

You can read more about James Tour and read his challenging essays on his website at https://www.jmtour.com. Our thanks to Roger Jay for alerting us to this excellent material.

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