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Cynthia Clayton The title for Cynthia's Corner

The Lesson from Pandemic Responses

My husband's ministry has always been about the symbiotic relationship between faith and science. God never calls us to blind faith but gives us evidence and reasons to believe that he does exist and that his Word is true. God gave us a brain to think, reason, evaluate, judge, and make wise decisions based on facts and truth. Acting purely on emotions, feelings, hunches, or what humans have told us is not faith and is not pleasing to God. In all areas of life, God expects us to act on facts and reality. This has never been more necessary than while we live through a deadly pandemic. Our decisions can directly affect our health and maybe our lives and the lives of those we love.

During a medical pandemic, we must listen to those who give us reliable, truthful information based on facts and data. Would that be politicians, or is it medical experts who deal with infectious diseases and who are on the front lines of treating those with COVID-19? Just as you can find thousands of opinions about God, Jesus, and the Bible, you can also find numerous opinions about the pandemic. Whose advice we listen to determines our actions. The same is true of our faith. If our theology and beliefs come from the Bible only, our lives will reflect those beliefs.

Our country is divided and polarized because of all the different information sources we choose to listen to and believe. Some information is based on facts, and some is far from reality. It took thousands of deaths to make some people start listening to sound medical advice. Wearing a mask, washing our hands, social distancing, and getting vaccinated can protect ourselves and others. A selfish, uninformed attitude is contrary to what God teaches us.

All of us have been touched by this pandemic. Some, like John and I, have had the virus touch our loved ones. Most of us know someone who has been stricken. In the days of Moses, leprosy was the pandemic, and there may have been those who did not want to do what the experts told them (see Leviticus 13 – 15). The priests were dealing with symptoms they could observe, but the remedy for the disease was difficult. We Christians have difficult choices, but God expects us to listen to medical authorities and follow their safety guidelines to protect ourselves and others. Let us learn from God’s Word about what his people had to do to stop leprosy and be thankful for the advantages medical science gives us today.

— Cynthia Clayton

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