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Article about Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, a founder of infinitesimal calculus.

John Polkinghorne

“My impression is that scientists are as likely to be religious believers as any other section of the community. Nevertheless, there is a feeling abroad that somehow science and religion are opposed to each other. Someone like myself, who is an Anglican priest and a now honorary Professor of Theoretical Physics, is sometimes regarded either with the amazement appropriate the strange mixture of the centaur or with the wariness appropriate to the sleight-of-hand artist. Neither image is, I think just. In fact, science and theology seem to me to have in common that they are both exploring aspects of reality. They are capable of mutual interaction which, though at times it is puzzling, can also be fruitful.”

This quotation is from Polkinghorne’s book, One World: The Interactions of Science and Theology (Preface, page xv), first published in 1987 and revised in 2006. Before his death in March 2021, he authored five books on physics and twenty-six books on the relation between science and religion.

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