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Saints and Science

by Timothy Gordon, Intermountain Institute
for Religion Science and Culture, © 2022,
304 pages, $14.99 (paperback), ISBN-13: 979-8467983905

The book cover

If you are looking for a gold mine of information about science and faith, this is it. Dr. Gordon is a retired Navy Commander with 30 years of military service and a doctorate in Christian apologetics. The depth of this book makes it very useful for a 14-week study by advanced students in college and professional group classes. As an aid to the non-scholars, each chapter has “questions to consider,” a crossword, and a word search section.

Week 1: Science as Inquiry — The Nature of Science, What It Is and Is Not
Week 2: Logic, Arguments, and the Scientific Method
Week 3: Pseudoscience, Hoaxes, and Tests for Truth
Week 4: Introduction to Science and Faith and Their Relationship
Week 5: The History of Science: Church, Copernicus, and Galileo
Week 6: The Philosophy of Science: God, Miracles, and Causation
Week 7: The Biblical Doctrine of Creation
Week 8: Darwin, Evolution, and History of Theistic Evolution
Week 9: Fundamentalism, History, and Arguments for Young Earth Creationism
Week 10: History and Arguments for Old Earth Creationism
Week 11: Natural Theology, History, and Arguments from Design
Week 12: Biblical and Scientific Perspectives on Evil
Week 13: Climate Change, Technology, and False Worldviews
Week 14: Past, Present, and Future Challenges

It is heavily documented with references to books, websites, and other resources. There are also 60 pages of appendices with curriculum material, an extensive reading list, and a collection of scriptures dealing with biblical creation. Although it is too advanced for most church congregation members, it would be a tremendous help to preachers and youth workers. We highly recommend it.