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The title of this article is 'God's Presents - Man's Presence' by Don Betts.

An aggregate of materials proclaims the existence of humans, especially evidenced in large cities around the world. Macadam, concrete, steel, aluminum, glass, and signage dull and lighted are in use. In addition, composites of materials that produce a desired structure or its effects are in view extensively.

The Main Street and First Avenue crossing in any given metropolis is usually devoid of any, or precious little, presence of nature, i.e., trees, flowers, or grasses. Developers bulldoze acres of transpiring flora, including old growth oaks and other hardy trees and shrubs, scraping the earth bare, then cover the space with homes or structures of various descriptions. Some of those spaces seldom, if ever, see the light of day again. Replacement trees, palms, or plants fall short of providing the aesthetic or ecological values of the natural growth they are meant to replace.

Isaac Newton

Using the elements provided by the Creator, humans have added thousands of objects that orbit in space above the Earth. Most of them, in time, will fall back to Earth or vaporize in the atmosphere. Thankfully, we rarely see these objects with the naked eye. Thus, their presence does not diminish the beauty of the blue skies and clouds by day or the unfathomable majesty of the night sky.

Isaac Newton

Far away from the halo of artificial light that hovers over town or city, especially the larger metropolitan areas, the remarkable beauty of stars appears in the expanse of the night sky. The stars, of course, make up the millions of galaxies in the celestial cosmos and, along with the Moon, provide the “lesser light” for our benefit when the Sun “sets.”

Human existence upon the face of God's creation is noticeably transient. Human sojourn on Earth has left footprints that speak to the ages. Indigenous tribes leaving minimal clues, and, in time, creative master builders leaving one to ask, “How did they do that?” Currently, aspirations for larger, taller, and farther into space are coupled with expanded electronic capabilities.

Isaac Newton

A view of planet Earth from the space station reveals little of human endeavors since Adam inhaled his first breath. The tallest, most immense structure completed to date pales into insignificance alongside the Creator's handiwork. Descriptive penning by historians, poets, essayists, and photographers all speak to the beauty of nature and the wonders of the ball in space created and made for the habitation of God's likeness. Holy scripture describes the universe's origin, majesty, and mystery — all created by the omnificent God.

The creative presence of humans is made manifest by the abundance of raw materials available for all things the human imagination brings to fruition. The elements found in varying forms and possessing differing chemical or ready-to-use functions were a gift from the Creator for our inventive or intuitive use. The presence of humans is thereby noticeable, albeit limited when compared to the Divine Presence of God.

Isaac Newton

God's physical gifts for the benefit of humanity will continue until the end of Earth's time. The elements needed for human existence will continue to be mined, quarried, pumped, and forested. Daily blessings of air, water, and sunlight will not cease. We will continue to use those physical gifts for good or evil, ultimately making our mortal presence known.

The Creator, ever faithful, will continue providing gifts to his children. The greatest gift of all is the hope of eternal life in his “house of many mansions” (John 14:2). He says, “You will know me by the things that I have made” (Romans 1:20). He commands, “Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

The title of this article is 'Science and Faith Are Friends' by Roland Earnst.

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