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Solve the following puzzle based on the main articles in this issue.

The title of this article is THANK YOU, MR. SPERRY! with a picture of a red all purpose pocket knife on a rustic wooden background.


[3] Thayer Salisbury says the problem in not knives in our pockets (or guns in our hands), but _______ in the heart.
[4] Socially isolated adults have a 27% greater chance of developing _______.
[6] Darwin thought that living cells were just globs of _______.
[9] Change the fine-structure _______, and you would not be here.
[10] The wages of sin is _______, but the gift of God is eternal life.


[1] The Greek scholar who calculated Earth's circumference in 240 B.C. was _______.
[2] Old Testament Law limited enslavement to _______ years.
[5] Science can be simply defined as _______.
[8] Columbus kenw that Earth is spherical, be he thought it was 25% _______ than it is.

If you get stumped, the answers can be found at the end of the News and Notes article.