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The 400 Silent Years

by H. A. Ironside, CrossReach Publications, © 2014
Kindle, 122 pages, $0.99, ASIN: B00NSBHLNM

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This book was originally written in 1914 by H.A. Ironside, pastor of Moody Church in Chicago and revised in modern English by CrossReach Publishers. It summarizes the culture and history of God's people from the time of Malachi to Matthew. This book gives an historically credible explanation of the events between the testaments, helping us to understand the culture of the time when Jesus ministered.

The book is divided into five sections. The first is the history of the Jews from the times of Darius the Persian (Nehemiah 12:22) to the fall of the Persian Empire followed by the Macedonian or Greek Empire. The second section is the history of the Maccabees and their revolt against Greek control. The third section covers the Asmonean Dynasty starting with Hyrcanus and going through the Roman and Greek conflict. In all of these periods, the book describes the position of the Jews and the violation of the sacred things of Judaism.

The fourth section is titled the “Edomite Ascendancy,” which is the last half-century before the birth of Jesus. First, Caesar returns to Rome and becomes Dictator of the World. Next, Herod becomes ruler in Judea and rebuilds the Temple. Then the book explains the conflict between the remaining Maccabees, Greeks, and Romans and how they affected the life of Jesus. The book's last section is titled “The Literature of the Jews,” which briefly reviews the Apocrypha.

We recommend this book to those wanting to know more about the time between Malachi and Matthew. This book contains evidence that will challenge any skeptic. We recommend it highly.