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The title of this article is TOWARD A POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SCIENCE AND FAITH with a picture of a laboratory assistant investigating chemical reactions.

Our mission is to show that science and faith in God are not enemies but exist in a symbiotic relationship. Unfortunately, it's an uphill battle because both those who promote naturalism and promoters of religious fundamentalism are unwilling to think and work toward a positive relationship between science and faith. This is an old problem that has been detrimental to both science and faith in the past.

The ignorance of science in America today continues to be appalling. Here are some examples (according to Skeptic magazine):

  •  26% of Americans believe the Sun revolves around the Earth.
  •  60% believe that dinosaurs died out sometime in the last 10,000 years.
  • 33% believe dinosaurs were on Earth 100 years ago.
Teacher is writing the instructional formula and explains how to do the exercises.

I had a brilliant student with great aptitude in science in my high school physics classes. He was the son of a religious figure in South Bend, Indiana, where I taught for 41 years. At the end of the school year, I asked him where he would go to college and what would be his science major. Of course, I hoped it would be physics. Instead, he smiled and told me he would not attend college because he did not want to give up his faith.

An African American scientist man doing research in science laboratory.

We want to work toward a positive relationship between science and faith. We encourage Christians to go into science because science needs a moral compass. Ninety-five Nobel Laureates were recognized between 1901 and 1930, but only four were Americans. Europeans dominated the winners of the Nobel Science awards. In the 1930s Americans did somewhat better, taking 28% of the Nobel prizes in science. From 1943 to 1958, Americans won 46% of the Nobel prizes, and since 1959 the number has risen to 57%.

The dictionary defines science as knowledge, and God is the source of all knowledge. Not only has the war between science and faith eroded great talent from the growth of science, but the collateral damage of the war between science and faith has damaged the church. In 1940, 96% of Americans believed in God, and 75% were church members. Today, 62% of Americans believe in God, and only 47% are members of a church. Thirty percent say they have no religion at all.

Female scientist conducts research in science laboratory..

If you believe in God and his Word, true science (knowledge) cannot be in conflict with your religious beliefs. If you have a conflict, you either have bad science or bad theology, or both. The lesson of history is that there has been a lot of both. We must work toward a positive relationship between science and faith to advance knowledge for everyone's benefit. Join us as we work toward that goal. Scientific naturalism cannot tell us why we exist, how we should live, or what our future will be. God's Word answers those vital questions.

— John N. Clayton

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