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Does God Exist? 1st Quarter 2024 Crossword

Solve the following puzzle based on the main articles in this issue.

Crossword for 4th Quarter 2023.


[2] Unbranded calves follow their _______ cow.
[3] In the physical world _______ is essential for survival.
[5] Jesus dealt with doubt by showing _______.
[8] “Humanizing” animal behavior is _______.
[9] Naturalistic evolution cannot explain biological _______.


[1] God gave us free will because he wants to have a _______ with us.
[4] AI is short for Artificial _______.
[6] For people in prisons and nursing homes _______ is a major problem.
[7] Humans are created in the image of _______.

If you get stumped, the answers can be found at the end of the News and Notes article.