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Article about Carl Linnaeuss

Carl Linnaeus

Below are some Freeman Dyson quotations found online.

“As we look out into the Universe and identify the many ‘accidents’ of physics and astronomy that have worked together to our benefit, it almost seems as if the universe must, in some sense, have known that we were coming.”

“Science and religion are two windows that people look through, trying to understand the big universe outside, trying to understand why we are here. The two windows give different views, but they look out at the same universe. Both views are one-sided, neither is complete. Both leave out essential features of the real world. And both are worthy of respect.”

“Trouble arises when either science or religion claims universal jurisdiction when either religious dogma or scientific dogma claims to be infallible. Religious creationists and scientific materialists are equally dogmatic and insensitive. By their arrogance, they bring both science and religion into disrepute.”

— John N. Clayton

Quotations above are from the following:
quote 1: https://mathshistory.st-andrews.ac.uk/Biographies/Dyson/quotations/; quotes 2 and 3: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeman_Dyson

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