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Fables Don't Leave Footprints

by Jan Sessions, D2Project © 2016
Paperback, 200 pages, ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-0692546666
Available from Amazon or jansessions@d2project.com

The book cover

The Does God Exist? program has a video course called Beyond Reasonable Doubt, designed to give evidence to skeptics and those who doubt the biblical account. People have said that our series is fine for adults and college students, but they want a book with pictures and explanations anyone can follow. This book serves that need.

Jan Sessions has developed a program called the D2Project for Digging Deeper. Sessions started with a 4th — 5th grade Sunday school class but expanded her work with the support of her husband, Steve. This book is subtitled “Following a Trail of Archaeological Discoveries from Genesis to Jesus,” and it has lavish color pictures.

After an introduction, the first section, “Beginnings,” starts with Mesopotamia, the flood accounts, and the tower of Babel. Next is support for the Patriarchs, and the journey from slavery in Egypt through the establishment of the nation of Israel. “The Realm of Ancient Warfare” reviews the history from Nineveh through Persia. The following section covers Greece and Rome and the history of Jesus. The last two sections are summary chapters and resources for those who wish to dig deeper.

This book will be useful for Bible school classes of all ages. While it omits some recent archaeological finds, it avoids getting bogged down with too much material. We highly recommend this book, but it is not for apologetics study at the college level. You can find that in the course described on the next page.