He Named It Salvation

Corvette Stingray A young man named Sinner once received from his father a beautiful bright red convertible. He named it Salvation--sparkling, new, clean, powerful.

It delighted the young man so much, especially because it was a gift. He could never have afforded it. So delighted, the boy even changed his name from Sinner to Saved.

He polished his car every week. He took pictures of it, sent it to friends, looked it over--front, back, under, top, bottom, inside out. He never, never tired of telling others about the gift. "My father gave it to me; it was free!"

Some days later, Saved was seen out on the highway pushing Salvation. An individual named Helper walked up and introduced himself and asked if he could assist. "Oh, no thanks. Just out enjoying my new car," said Saved as he wiped the sweat off his face. "Just had a little trouble because my bumper kept cutting my hands, especially on these hills. But then a nice man helped me. Showed me how to mount little rubber cushions right here underneath the bumper, and now I can push this thing for hours without a blister. Also, I've been trying something new lately. They use it over in England. You put your back against the car, lift, and it works like a charm, especially on muddy roads."

Helper asked, "Have you pushed the car very far?" "Well, about 200 miles altogether. It's been hard, but since it was a gift from my father, that's the least I can do in return to thank him."

Helper opened the door on the right side and said, "Get in." After hesitation, he decide it was worth a try and he slid in on the passenger side and rested for the first time since he'd been given the car. Helper walked around, opened the door, slid behind the wheel, and started the car.

Corvette Stingray "What's all that noise?" he said. Moments later they were moving down the highway quietly, at fifty, sixty miles an hour. He was taken aback. It all seemed to fall into place. It was even exciting. He knew he needed this Salvation. But somehow he felt that getting there was his responsibility.

--Larry Christenson via The Oakleaf, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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