Why I Am A Christian

Why I Am A Christian
edited by Norman Geisler and Paul Hoffman,
Baker Book House, ISBN 0-8010-1210-4, 2001, 318 pages

This is a collection of 15 essays written by some of the top apologetics scholars in the world today (we have reviewed some of them in this column in the past)--Hugh Ross, Josh McDowell, J. P. Moreland, Walter Bradley, William Lane Craig, and Ravi Zacharias, as well as some others we are less familiar with. It seems to this writer that these men have used some of their best material in this book, and that makes this a very exceptional work.

The book is divided into six parts with different authors writing in each of the parts. The six parts are: Why I Believe in Truth, Why I Believe in God, Why I Believe in Miracles, Why I Believe the Bible is the Word of God, Why I Believe Jesus is the Messiah and Son of God, and Why I Have Decided to Follow Jesus. The book has useful charts, and the authors know what the questions are that skeptics and searching people have, and they address them very well. There is also a considerable amount of personal discussion which lets you see how these men got to where they are and some of the obstacles they had to overcome.

It is rare that we feel a book is good enough to say that it should be in every Christian's library, but this is a book that I feel has that kind of content and integrity. We recommend it very highly.

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