The Need for Apologetic Answers

by John S. McCranie IV
Simi Valley, California,
and John N. Clayton

A little boy came to his father and asked him, "Dad, who made God?" The father, engrossed in the evening paper responded, "Beats me, Son." The little boy came back a few minutes later and asked "Dad, why did God create man?" The father answered "Nobody knows the answer to that, Son." The boy went away, but was back in a few minutes saying, "Dad, is there life on other planets?" The father replied, "I have no idea, Son." This was followed by, "Dad, how do we know the Bible is true?" The father responded "I really don't know, Son." A short time later the boy was back. This time the question was, "Why did God create dinosaurs, and what does the Bible say about them." The father sighed and said "I don't have the slightest idea, Son." Finally the boy looked up at his father and said "Dad, do you mind me asking you all these questions?" The father put down his paper and looked the boy in the eye and said, "Why, not at all Son. How else are you going to learn?"

The problem is that this fictitious dialogue is too true to be funny. Not only are children not given answers at all, but adults frequently fail to take advantage of those times when a young mind is open and searching and wanting to have answers. How are our children going to learn the answers to the big questions? There are many in our society who are more than willing to give them answers that ridicule and demean God and place atheistic humanistic values in their minds. We urge parents to become informed on issues like the ones raised above. The Does God Exist? ministry offers materials for all ages and levels, which can be borrowed or purchased at cost. We have correspondence courses, video tapes and DVDs, audio tapes and CDs, books and booklets, and subject-oriented articles. For more information, write us at 1555 Echo Valley Dr., Niles, MI 49120 for a catalog, or visit our web site at

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