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Deliver Us I: Recognizing the Influence of Evil on the Road to Redemption
Deliver Us II: Discovering Your Idols on the Path to the Promised Land

by Don Umphrey, Quarry Press, PO Box 181736, Dallas, TX 75218,
© 2012, 191 pages and 235 pages, $12.99 and $14.99 (paperback),
ISBN-13: 978-1-937766-07-8 and 978-1-937766-06-1

Book of the issue cover--Deliver Us part 1Book of the issue cover--Deliver US part 2 Our book of the month for this month is actually two books by the same author. Don Umphrey is a university professor and journalist who has written several books on Christian solutions to addiction. These two books are endorsed by Christians Against Substance Abuse and Christians Against Sexual Addiction (CASA — www.AskCasa.com).

The strength of these books in your reviewer's opinion is that the author uses himself as the living proof of the truth of what the Bible teaches about handling addiction and struggles in life. Don Umphrey has had a struggle with addiction to alcohol, and has written “that God can use the worst parts of [his] life to help others.”

These two books are personal, well written, biblical, and offer practical advice. In both books the author will insert a highlighted question for the reader to consider as to how the truth that the author has just discussed applies to the reader. An example is after discussing the confrontation of Nathan the prophet with King David the question is asked of the reader, “Have you blamed the messenger who was trying to help you? What did it take to subsequently recognize you were wrong? If applicable, describe a situation where you were the messenger who was blamed. What was the eventual outcome?” Such questions challenge the reader to apply the principles discussed, and could also be used in a class study or home devotional.

Deliver Us I is subtitled Recognizing the Influence of Evil on the Road to Redemption. This book deals with evil and how Satan works to destroy us. It pushes the reader to come to “a moment of clarity” and to do something about his situation. He uses many Bible and personal examples to make his point.

Deliver Us II is subtitled Discovering Your Idols on the Path to the Promised Land. This book deals with idols in our lives. Umphrey points out that the purpose of the ten plagues God sent on Egypt was to show to Pharaoh, the Egyptians, and the Israelites that God is God and the idols are nothing. The book shows how “Each plague unmasked the powerlessness of one or more of the Egyptian gods or goddesses.” He shows from the Bible how idols influenced Israel and major characters of the Bible. Then he shows how we are influenced by idols today. The definition of what an idol is and how idols control us and what we do is developed very well. The book helps us to realize that we have idols in our own lives. It shows how people in the twenty-first century can be driven and controlled by idols such as alcohol, food, sex, or the control and judgment of others.

The role of the church, of faith in God, and of belief in the Bible as God’s word are strongly emphasized in these books. The books are useful for anyone, but will be especially helpful to people who are finding their way out of doubt, insecurity, and the effects of Satan in today's world.