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One of the issues that should concern all Christians is how to meet the growing tide of opposition to belief in God and to Christianity. Since 1968, the Does God Exist? ministry has functioned to challenge disbelief and to help all people battle with their doubts. We have done this through lectureships, books, booklets, websites, videos, CDs, and correspondence courses. We have also attempted to train others to do what we have been doing and to build their own ministries to fight the aggressive advances of atheism, naturalism, and skepticism. We have done that through week-long summer seminar training programs which we have conducted nearly every summer. Before long we will lay our “weapons” down and others will need to step in and take over what we have tried to do. Finding those who will dedicate themselves to such a ministry, realizing that opposition comes not only from the world, but from those who claim to be Christians, is extraordinarily difficult. I am encouraged that there are those in the Restoration Movement who are even now building ministries that are larger and more effective than I have ever dreamed would be possible.

One of these is Dr. John Oakes, the president of the Apologetics Research Society. We have reviewed a number of books by Dr. Oakes in past issues of this journal. Now he has prepared an independent study program. Classes operate from a syllabus, have required books and readings, and have a DVD as the basis of the course. Students do a research paper, take an exam, and receive a Christian Apologetics Certificate after completing all ten classes. Each class is $150, which covers all materials, mentoring, and grading of the exam and paper. Those interested can contact Dr. Oakes at johnoakes@gccod.edu or at 5758 Avenida Sanchez, San Diego, CA 92124. His website is www.EvidenceForChristianity.org.

The titles of the courses are:

  • Science and Christian Apologetics
  • Archaeology and Apologetics
  • Christian Apologetics: … the Hard Questions
  • World Religions
  • Biblical Criticism and Inspiration
  • Prophecy in Apologetics
  • Jesus and Christian Apologetics
  • The Existence of God
  • The Bible: Reliability, Inspiration, Inerrancy
  • The Christian Worldview

Teachers in these courses include Robert Kurka, Douglas Jacoby, Glenn Giles, Dan Conder, John Wilson, and Foster Stanback. I know many of these men personally and can recommend their scholarship and expertise in these subjects. Education is the answer to doubt and skepticism, and the work these Christians are doing in apologetics gives everyone the opportunity to grow and become trained in this vital area.

— John N. Clayton