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“True for You But Not for Me”

by Paul Copan, Bethany House Publishers, ©2009,
240 pages, $15.99 (paperback), ISBN-13: 978-0-7642-0650-4

Picture of BookThe Does God Exist? ministry deals with evidence, mostly scientific evidence, for the existence of God and the credibility of the Bible as the Word of God. All of us who are Christians run into moral objections to Christ and to Christianity. Statements like, “That's just your opinion,” “Who are you to judge others,” “You can't legislate morality,” “It's arrogant to say your values are better than others,” “We can be good without God,” “All religions are basically the same,” “You can't trust the gospels — they're unreliable,” “It doesn't matter what you believe — as long as you're sincere,” and so forth. It is those objections that this book is about.

That is a small sampling of the questions dealt with by Copan. He divides the questions into five parts titled “Absolutely Relative,” “The Absolutism of Moral Relativism,” “The Exclusivism of Religious Pluralism,” “The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ: Myth or Reality,” and “No Other Name: The Question of the Unevangelized.” Copan is a philosopher holding a Ph.D. from Marquette University, and his answers are well researched and well documented. The format of the book is to take questions we all hear and give his answers to those questions. His answers are not always the ones I would give. In a few cases, I would disagree with his approach, but it is well written and useful reading. The questions and answers are very relevant to the needs of people in today’s world.