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Cynthia Clayton The title for Cynthia's Corner


We are blessed to be living in the twenty-first century when the advances in science and medicine can combat most illnesses and diseases and enable us to live long, productive lives. Is this confidence and reliance on modern medicine to cure us in conflict with our faith in God; or, do they work together?

Believers in God know that any knowledge, understanding, or abilities we have are because God gave us intelligence, curiosity, desire, and determination to discover new things about our existence. So, all scientific and medical discoveries and breakthroughs are possible because God has given humans these abilities. Therefore, our faith in God should not prevent us from taking advantage of the latest medical knowledge and treatments.

Our faith in God helps us understand that God is the ultimate source of healing and wellness. He designed our bodies to be able to heal themselves with proper care and nutrition and, when needed, medical treatments. Christian doctors will tell you that their medical treatments are simply helping the body to heal itself.

The connection between the mind, spirit, and body is very powerful. The medical community recognizes that the power of positive thinking, humor, love, and the will to live are powerful factors in medical outcomes. Prayer and reliance on God in times of sickness can help us respond better to medical treatments and can strengthen and comfort us during treatments. In some cases they can help us overcome many physical, mental, and emotional problems. Faith in God is the bedrock foundation for Christians when modern medicine no longer has any answers for our problems.

Our faith in God is an ally of modern medicine as it attempts to bring God's designed features of healing to our bodies and minds. Faith in God gives us the best of life physically, in most cases, but the best spiritually in all cases.

— Cynthia Clayton

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