There is considerable attention focused upon the protesters to nuclear energy by the media. Personally, I believe most of their fears are unfounded. I have a few questions every American would do well to consider on this subject.

WHAT IF 40-50 people were killed every day by malfunctioning power plants?

WHAT IF the malfunctioning plants seriously injured 1,500 others every day?

WHAT IF the presence of these plants drove 8-20 people to commit suicide every day?

WHAT IF the product produced by the plants caused 200 broken homes every day?

WHAT IF it caused 250 people to suffer permanent brain damage every day, besides the other injuries already described?

WHAT IF it caused 125 parents to abuse their children or to assault other loved ones every day?

WHAT IF it caused 5-6 billion dollars direct damage, and inestimable indirect damage every year?

Now, if you will just double every figure I have quoted, you will have a partial picture of the effects of beverage alcohol! Where are the protesters???? --Dub McClish

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