This book is actually a magazine. It used to be a listing of academic lectures and meetings around the country involving organizations and academic institutions that addressed questions concerning religion and science. There were few articles, reviews, or editorials; but the global nature of the periodical and its high academic profile made it useful as a bulletin board for publications and events.

A grant from the John Templeton Foundation has allowed the editor and publisher, Kevin Sharpe, to radically expand and alter the magazine. Sharpe calls the new magazine An International Magazine of Ideas. Articles by writers with expertise in science and religion will express ideas and approaches to vital subjects. The first issue was devoted to evolution. Article titles included: "Is Evolution Evolving", "The Search for a Darwinian Science of Ethics", "Science as Epic", and " Evolution and The AAAS."

We expect this periodical to be very scholarly and to emphasize philosophical and theological approaches. We suspect it will be fairly liberal in its approaches, and the first issue did have an atheistic evolutionary approach. There will be a great deal of useful material in the articles and some good approaches to spiritual issues. The name of the magazine is Science and Spirit. It will cost $15.00 per year. Addresses and Fax are:

171 Rumford St.
Concord, NH 03301-4579
Fax: 1-603-229-0953

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