Warning, you may be in danger of being duped by fake warnings! Fear seems to be everywhere these days, but “perfect love drives out fear” (1 John 4:18). If there is one bit of advice worth taking to heart it is to be careful about signing petitions or joining causes unless you know the facts. Do not let alarmism carry you away. Some people who are afraid of anything try to scare everyone else. Some people just try to take advantage of other people’s fears.
A high school student made up a petition and got thousands of people to sign it demanding the government stop all use of the chemical dihydrogen monoxide.

The petition is totally correct in stating all the terrible things this chemical can do:

The student found that 86 percent of the people he asked to sign the petition were willing to do so. Only one person recognized this terrible chemical was water.
Pull that one on your friends and have a good laugh when they find out what it is. Oh, and be careful what you sign.

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