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What difference does “faith” make? Does it matter if you have “faith?” How does having “faith” affect our daily lives? These are really important questions and they have a bearing on how we live. Let us consider a few of the ramifications of having faith.

One of the first considerations is what or who do we have faith in. All people have faith in something or someone. Some have faith in money. Some have faith in armaments. Some have faith in government. Some have faith in science. Some have faith in education. Some have faith only in themselves. It is important to place our faith in something that is real, helpful, and lasting.


Paul declares in Romans 1:20, “For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes — his eternal power and divine nature — have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made … .” There is no other explanation for the origin and order of our universe. Denying the existence of God causes one to live under the delusion that somehow everything we see has no explanation, no purpose, no meaning. How can anyone make good choices when they are living with inaccurate, false information? Atheism leads to bad choices because it is built on a denial of observable proof of the supernatural origin of the universe.


God gives us hope for the future, guidance in the present, and forgiveness for our past. Suicide is a major problem in the county where I live. Several recent articles in the paper indicate no one really knows why people take their own lives. Certainly every case is different, but some over-arching reasons should be considered. People take their own lives when they have no hope,when they are overcome with guilt, when they feel abandoned, overwhelmed, and alone. When people see no positive future in life or when their possessions or relationships disappoint them, they lose hope. Suicide becomes a way out. Faith in the real God of creation will help a person deal with the deadly perils of life.


Even death cannot conquer us, since Jesus conquered death. Christians do have hope, help, forgiveness, and loving, caring relationships. Through “faith” we are victorious people. It does make a difference to have faith! Keep the faith — enjoy life!

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