Grand Canyon Trip Planned

Several times over the past 33 years, the Does God Exist?  program has conducted programs in the Grand Canyon, using the Canyon as a tool to discuss the existence of God and the credibility of the biblical account of creation.  Some of these programs have been rafting trips and some have been walking trips. On February 8 and 9, 2002, we plan to conduct a walking Grand Canyon Seminar.  The teachers will be John Clayton and Alan Doty, of Sedona, Arizona.  We will walk down the Kaibab Trail on the 8th, discussing the geology and biblical record on the way down.  We will have classes at the bottom of the Canyon, spend the night, and walk out of the Canyon on the 9th continuing our discussions as we go.  The only costs to participants will be their own meals, board, and park fees.  For more details and information write or email us:

John Clayton
1555 Echo Valley Drive
Niles, MI 49120 or fax at 616-687-9431

Announcing 2 New Books

For many years we have been producing a column in this journal titled "Dandy Designs."  When we get 100 paages or so of these examples of God's wisdom and creative design in the cosmos, we bind them into a volume.  We have just completed volume three of this bound group of examples and now have it available.

We also have completed another children's book to add to the 10 we have completed in the past.  This one is titled Plants--God's Gift to Us and shows how incredibly useful and functional plants are in our lives and how their design shows God's wisdom and planning.

Order Form

Please fill out and return this form to John Clayton, 1555 Echo Valley Dr., Niles MI 49120.  Please make check payable to the Dowagiac Church of Christ.

Qty.    Description                           Cost

_____   copies of Plants--God's Gift to Us    $ 2.00 ppd

_____   sets of 11 children's books           $19.00 ppd

_____   copies of Dandy Designs, Vol 3        $ 3.00 ppd

_____   sets of Dandy Designs (3 volumes)     $ 7.50 ppd

                              Total Enclosed  __________

(Any or all of these books may be returned for a refund if you wish.)


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