Jesus Among Other Gods

 by Ravi Zacharias, Word Publishing (a Thomas Nelson Company),
Nashville, 2000, 195 pages, $19.99

This book is subtitled "The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message," but it is as much an argument against the atheist position as it is a discourse on world religions. Ravi Zacharias is an excellent writer and an apologist who makes his arguments from philosophical and theological standpoints. This book is not really a debunking of world religions outside of Christianity. He does not go in depth on any world religion and concentrates what little he does do on Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.

The book is divided into seven chapters. The first tells much of the author's own struggle and the way viewpoints and backgrounds hinder us. The contrast of the biblical concepts of heaven and our spiritual makeup with other views dominates chapter 2. How faith and reason relate to each other dominates chapters 3 and 4 with an excellent contrast to where unbelief takes us. Suffering and how different views approach it is the theme of chapter 5 and is a great chapter. The truthfulness of God and how it connects to living and evil finishes the book.

 Zacharias is an excellent but complex author. The book is very biblical in nature and has many useful quotes is it. There is very little science in it because of the background of the author, but this reviewer feels all believers will find useful material and those studying eastern religions will find it especially helpful.

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