by Amy Orr-Ewing,
IVP Books (, 2008, 132 pages,
$13.00 (paperback), ISBN-13 978-0-8308-3353-5.

Amy Orr-Ewing is a British writer and works with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM). In January/February 2007 we reviewed her book, Is the Bible Intolerant? Like most of the RZIM works, this is a philosophical/theological treatment of apologetic material, not a science work. It is written as a response to material being circulated by atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the like.

What this book does is to take objections to Christianity raised by atheists and answer those objections. She also deals with some of the challenges of the past like Nietzsche. Each chapter of the ten-chapter book is a question which Orr-Ewing then answers.

Amy Orr-Ewing writes well, is logical, and does a good job with the issues of our day. Her approach is different than we would make to these issues, but she documents well and raises many useful points. We recommend this book, especially to those who have been given concerns by the writings of people such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the like.

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