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A is for Adam, E is for Eve
by David Brown, Tate Publishing, 2009, 92 pages, $9.99,
(paperback), ISBN-13: 978-1-60799-089-5

Most of us know that biblical names often have a meaning that describes a major circumstance in the lives of the characters. The name Moses means “drawn out of the water” and has connections to a major event in the life of Moses.

What David Brown has done is to go through a large number of biblical names and explain what each name means in the original language. The name Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist for example, means YaHWeH remembers. God had made a promise to this man and God remembered the promise in conjunction with Jesus’ birth.

The book was intended to help people looking for a name for their child, but it would be very useful as a quick reference for people preparing lessons or sermons. It is a small 6-by-6-inch 89-page book, that can be a useful resource.

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