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Fables Don't Leave Footprints

by Jan Sessions, Self Published, Available on Amazon, © 2015,
198 pages, $15.99 (paperback), ISBN-13: 978-0-692-54666-6

The front cover of our book to be reviewed this issue--Fables Don't Leave Footprints.Over the years, we have reviewed a number of books that discuss the relationship of the Bible to archaeological discoveries. The problem with most of these books has been that they are too technical for the average reader and too dull to keep young people interested. This book is for beginners, and it is unique because of its simple and straight-forward approach.

The book is subtitled “Following a Trail of Archaeological Discoveries from Genesis to Jesus.” It is filled with full-color pictures with short and easy-to-understand text (see sample below). A sample of what the pages in the book look like.This is not an academic resource for college students, but it is a great book for upper elementary and secondary students and everyday adult readers.

The book is divided into seven sections starting with the cradle of civilization and ancient stories of the flood and the Tower of Babel. It shows the archaeological support of the history of Israel up to the time of Christ. This is a very positive book. The author acknowledges that controversy exists on some points, but sticks to the positive things we do know.

This is an excellent book for parents to give young people interested in history and archaeology. We recommend it highly for that use.