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Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview

by Jerry Bergman, Joshua Press, © 2012,
364 pages, $19.09 (paperback), ISBN-13: 978-1-894400-49-7

The front cover of our book for review this issue--Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian WorldviewThis is an awful book. It is not awful because of the author or the printing, but because of the content of the book. I am extremely sensitive to the pain of other humans, even when it is portrayed in a TV show or movie, and this book brought me to tears. What Bergman has done is to show “How the Nazi Crusade for a superior race caused the greatest holocaust in world history” (a recommendation statement by Kitty Foth-Regner). The main thrust of the book is the massive documentation of statements by German Darwinists showing the use of social Darwinism to justify exterminating whole populations.

The unique value of this book is that it shows that even the German intellectuals of the time, some of them Nobel laureates, backed the eugenic practices of Hitler. What is most disturbing is that many of the things that happened during the early days of the Nazi movement are going on in America today — especially the attacks on Christianity, and the governmental denigration of religion and faith's role in culture.

The details of historical persecution in the name of social Darwinism by the Nazis is disturbing. When we see prominent American educators like Peter Singer making statements like those made by Hitler's mentors, one has to be concerned. This is a disturbing book, but one that should be read by people concerned about what is happening in America today. Just do not read it when you are getting ready to go to bed.