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1. If all the blood vessels in your body were laid end to end, how far would they go?
.........(a) 100 yards  (b) 10 feet  (c) A mile  (d) 80 miles  (e) 1000 miles  (f) 60,000 miles

2. People can talk because they have vocal cords.  True ___ False ___

3. The heart beats because the brain tells it to.  True ___ False ___

4. The biological purpose of finger prints is to:  (a) Identify you  (b) Improve your grip on things  (c) Hold your fingers
.........together  (d) They have no purpose

5. When you bite your nails, they grow faster.  True ___ False ___

6. When a woman is born, she has over 100,000 eggs in each ovary.  True ___ False ___

7. A male testicle produces how many sperm a month?  (a) Over 2 billion  (b) A million  (c) A thousand  (d) a hundred
........(e) A dozen

8. All races of humans smell the same.   True ___ False ___

9. Which of the following is the strongest?   (a) Human bone  (b) Reinforced concrete  (c) Marble

10. How many eyes are people born with? _______

Answers according to David Reuben, MD, “The Body Quiz,” Reader's Digest, April 1994, page 141

1. 60,000 miles. Remember that the body has trillions of cells and each of them must have blood piped to it.

2. False. When you whisper, you do not use your vocal cords. Speech is far more complex than we think. The mouth,
.........teeth, lips, and tongue all form words from the moving air coming from our windpipe.

3. False. The heart can beat on its own, even after it is removed from the body. Strips of heart muscle in a test tube will
.........beat as long as they are surrounded with proper nutrients.

4. B. The tiny corrugations in your skin increase their surface area providing extra friction. Sweat secreted from glands
.........at each ridge also help you hang on to things.

5. True. Bitten nails will grow up to 20% faster than unbitten nails.

6. True. Only about 400 are released and only two will be fertilized for an average woman. There is a huge reserve of
.........reproductive material designed to improve the odds of conception.

7. A. Studies show 2,400,000,000 sperm per month is average. The same goal is involved as in question 6 — 300 million
.........sperm are discharged during sexual intercourse.

8. False. Each race has different numbers of scent glands in their skin. Koreans have the fewest in the world.

9. A. Compressive strength is highest for human bone.

10. Three. It depends on what you mean by “eye,” but there is a structure in the human brain which reacts to changes
.........in light. Instead of sending images to the brain, it produces melatonin, a hormone that affects our psychic. It is called
.........the pineal gland.

We would like to add one more question to this fun quiz.

Do you believe that all of this design and incredible intricacy can reasonably be the product of blind, mindless chance? We would suggest that the overwhelming evidence for the answer to that question has to lead to a negative answer. There is intelligence and purpose in the world around us that speak of our Creator's wisdom. “I am fearfully and wonderfully made, marvelous are thy works, and that my soul knoweth right well” (Psalm 139:14).

— John N. Clayton

Scripture links/references are from BibleGateway.com.