Submitted to us for possible publication by a dad "as a birthday present for his 14-year-old daughter" who had written this poem about God's Creation. Beautiful poem, Sarah. We are proud to reproduce it, and a belated Happy Birthday!

The Sound of God's Glory

by Sarah Evelyn Lord, Howell, Michigan

The Sound of God's creation is
the wind blowing through cherry blossoms,
and the humming of honey bees in the
pink, blue, orange, and yellow wildflowers.
The rustling grass sings a secret song that
God the ruler of all wrote just for them.
The delicate splashes of green
in the cherry blossoms and wildflowers
are expertly stroked by the Lord's paint brush.
As I stand and look at the wonders He made,
I know that man can only copy
his beautifully-made landscapes.
The beautiful voice of the babbling brook drifts
through the sheltering trees along its banks.
Standing ankle deep in the cool, refreshing water,
I watch golden sunbeams dance
through the rain-splashed green leaves.
The world is His gift, and He placed us here
to take care of it.
And that is what I will do.

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