A great deal of the antagonistic mail we get from atheists, agnostics, and religious people with sincere doubts centers around the problems that exist in the world. When you watch and read the news reports it is difficult not to feel pain from the awful things that happen to all people no matter what their beliefs or circumstances. It does not matter whether you deal with man-made disasters like mining accidents, terrorist acts, wars, and plane crashes or whether you deal with things man is not the cause of like earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and volcanos. In all of these things, humans are victimized and massive pain and loss results.

The argument of atheists and agnostics is that if there was a loving God, He would not allow so much human suffering. Religionists have compounded the problem by talking about God's love and care for us, implying that if we are true followers of God we will not have these problems, and if we have enough faith, God will solve all of our ills and pain. The fact is that the most devout of us will have these same problems, and no matter what anyone says or promises, we are all terminal.

In past issues of this journal we have provided some thoughts and arguments on why the atheist attempts to discard God on the basis of tragedy, pain, and suffering is invalid. If we look at man as a free moral agent, created and designed to be a part of the struggle between good and evil, and if we look at our life as a microscopic fragment of our total existence, there are intellectual ways to deal with the tragedies of life without discarding God.

One aspect of this discussion that has been neglected is the positive aspect. As you look at the beautiful cover of this month's journal, what does it bring to your mind? I would hope that your thoughts can be good ones. It is an incredible blessing to have a mind and a mouth that can sense and enjoy wonderful food. It is a joy to be able to see the faces of those we love, and to enjoy the beauty of the world around us with all of its color and pattern. It is a blessing to have loved ones who have the ability to make wonderful foods and drinks so that we can have some moments of quiet pleasure.

The more I understand of the cosmos, the more amazing it is that we exist at all. The wisdom and planning that was required to create a place where life could exist and flourish is astounding, and to go beyond that and allow us to comprehend all of the wonder of creation, and to be able to love, create, and wonder at all we perceive through our senses is amazing. It is our hope and prayer that as you enter the holiday season your mind can find and focus on positive things, and that the problems of the world in which we live will not rob you of being able to appreciate and give thanks for all we do have and the wonderful opportunity we have to be a part of God's creation.

--John N. Clayton

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