Deep Red

Fish that live deep in the ocean do not have light available to see with or to use for navigation. These deep sea creatures have special organs called photophores which they emit blue light with and eyes that are specially made to detect blue light. This phenomena is called bioluminescence and is typically explained by evolutionist as a chance product of evolution. Blue light is the highest energy of visible light, so to transmit effectively through water blue would be used, and all other color use would be selected out of the population.

British biologists have discovered a fish identified as a stomiid dragon fish that has the ability to send and detect red in addition to blue. This unique emission can not be detected by other fish, and the dragon fish can communicate incognito by using their ability to work in red.

Devices like this help to keep populations in check and fill ecological niches so that food chains stay in balance. Specialized design is a intelligently engineered feature demanding an intelligence to produce. All of God's creatures have a message to tell us if we will but listen.

Source: National Wildlife, February/March, 1998 page 10.

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