The Return of Credibility
by Joe Ator, Vantage Press Inc., 516 W. 34th St.
New York City, NY 10001, 1998, 104 pages

The subtitle of this little book is "Scientific Discoveries Support Belief in the Bible's Creation Account." This in not a long tedious apologetic work, but rather a viewpoint concisely given of a physicist and astronomer. Ator begins his book by emphasizing that the Bible is "primarily a religious affirmation--not a scientific document." He then builds on the approach showing that what the Bible says emphasizes spiritual things and that none of us (your reviewer included) have overworked the scientific literacy of the Bible. Ator then shows the issues people get hung up about, such as the age of things, would not be an issue if they were using the Bible correctly. A good analogy he uses is that over doing the science of Genessis is like defending a client being sued for divorce by introducing evidence in a traffic court. Numerous quotes by experts and scholars are used to back this contention.

The author then gives us a historical review of great thinkers of the past and how they approached the credibility of Genessis and/or their belief about creation. The history of science's progress to the big bang evidence and new information from astronomy is then presented. The book wraps up by pointing out that historically people in science believed the Bible and the implications of the cosmos being designed. Ator then shows that his book has shown the intellectual evidence that science has returned the credibility of the Bible through the new discoveries made in recent years. This is an excellent book. It is not a full blow apologetic work, but offers strong support for the existence of God and the credibility of the Bible from an astronomical perspective. We recommend it highly.

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