Is There a God?

by John Oaks, Great Commission Illustrated Books,
4208 Stanbridge Ave., Long Beach, CA 90808,
1999, 176 pages, $10.95

I first met the author of this book at the University of Colorado where he was getting his Ph.D. in Chemical Physics. Since that time, Dr. Oakes has taught at several universities and worked extensively in preparing materials on the existence of God. This book is an accumulation of some of that work.

The book begins with a chapter titled "How should I think?" which explores the difference between faith and facts. After a short chapter on the age of the earth, Oakes deals with the question of creation verses the notion that the cosmos has always existed and does a good job of showing that the cosmos has not always been. He then discusses whether life could occur by chance, showing that chemically that is not possible.

The next two chapters deal with the credibility of the Bible, dealing first with Genesis and then with the general scientific accuracy. The origin of man and a general discussion of design close out the book. The organization of this book is perhaps its greatest weakness. It is easy to lose the flow of ideas, and sometimes the sequence of chapters seems a little haphazard. In spite of that problem, the book contains some very useful information that justifies its price. There is an appendix with a 13-page discussion of the laws of thermodynamics. Because of his training, Oakes treats the subject very well. The chemistry of water and carbon are also well done for the same reason. The Genesis study is honest and not loaded up with denominational creationist error.

We recommend this book as a good general source that will provide the reader with useful insights and understandings. 

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