On the Threshold of Hope

by Diane Mandt Langberg,
Tyndale House Pub., Wheaton, IL
1999, 217 pages, $10.00

This book is a survival manual for people who have suffered sexual abuse, their supporting friends, and their family members. It is written by a Ph.D. in psychology who has for 25 years been in private practice and who is a believer in Jesus Christ. The book is divided in to five parts.

  1. Approaching the subject of sexual abuse
  2. Dealing with the abuse
  3. What was damaged in the abuse?
  4. What does healing look like?
  5. Finding others to help
Each of these section uses biblical examples as the base of the advice given and provides pragmatic advice on how to find answers.

We highly recommend this book to both victims and those who know victims. Rape, incest, and other forms of sexual abuse are covered. Specific suggestions are made as to how to find help. All of this is done in the context of the biblical teachings and examples of how recovery can take place. It is a logical, thoughtful, practical Christian approach to an increasingly common problem in our world.

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