Primordial Soup

by James O. Fuzzell, M.D., Covenant Publishing,
1998, 105 pages

The subtitle of this book is Too Many Cooks with Creation Recipes. What I expected when I bought the book was an in-depth discussion of the origin of life and a biochemical analysis of the theory which says all life came about by chance processes from a mixture of organic compounds commonly referred to as Primordial Soup. That is really not what this book is about.

Dr. Fuzzell is a medical doctor. The 12 chapters in the 94 pages are very brief statements about his belief system. There is no chemical analysis in the book, but rather how the author thinks the process might have looked to a casual observer. The discussion skims across biblical references and projects how these things might work scientifically, but that is as far as it goes.

This book is too general and brief to be of much use in apologetics. A person wanting a fit of science and the Bible in a very non-scientific way might find it useful, but that would be the limit of its application.

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