The Song of Evolution

by A. E. Holton, Sr.
(submitted by George Rubis)

I owe my life and all that I am
To accident that came by chance
When nonexistent force did slam
Non-ergs into an ordered dance.

And brought forth law and energy
To spark the waves of cosmic light
And order force so vigorously
It bound the atom's nucleus tight.

In unplanned, mindless wanderings
The atom drifted into place.
Then molecules, sans ponderings,
Found form and shape and grace.

Thus by caprice wild force congealed
To fill the void and form the gases
That empty space could ever yield
Except by chance the solid masses.

With liquid seas to cool its brow
And make RNA and DNA
Till chance could come and show the how
That life could come and be and stay.

In this hot light on cooling sea
The proteins formed in primal slime
And accident sparked life to be
in genes that tapped cell's budding prime.

But how was plan where was no thought?
And how was knowledge to foreknow
How fins and legs so deftly wrought
Could perform genes to make them grow?

And how did chance in time too short
Find accidents for drastic change
When circumstances did abort
Each unplanned rise to wider range.

The God of Chance can do no sin
Can teach no good, no wrong, no right
Thus, ruled by lusts, degenerate men
Must face their end's eternal night.

And old age finds that happiness
Eludes the fumbling, seeking mind.
The God of Chance can only bless
With lusts that can no comfort find.

And those who worship at his throne
Find misery waiting in the dark
While unrequited lusts alone
Fan hopelessly each fading spark.

I'll put my trust in Jehovah God
I find in Him no fear there is.
For I found love where Jesus trod
And I found peace as one of His.

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