Genesis, Science & History

by Douglas Jacoby, Discipleship Publications International,
ISBN 157782188-2, $14.95 ©2004, 255 pages

There are many ways of approaching apologetics. In our ministry, we have assumed that a person who is an atheist rejects the existence of God and views the Bible as a work of man. The reason for that approach is probably because that is what I believed as an atheist. There are people, however, who might not call themselves "atheist" and who may still have some connection with the Christian faith. Because of the onslaught of atheism in the media or perhaps personal problems, they are seriously questioning what they believe and why. This book is designed to meet the needs of that group. It is subtitled "A Faith-Building Look at the Opening Chapters of Genesis."

Doug Jacoby, who has an extensive background in history and education, is an old friend of this ministry. He is well trained with degrees from Duke, Harvard, and Drew Universities. He writes well, knows his subject matter, and has a unique approach which is radiated in this book. This is not primarily a science study, although some science is involved. It is primarily a theological/historical work. The first section of the book is titled "Prepare to Meet Your God" and deals with the relationship of science and the Bible and the historical and scientific support for Genesis. The second section is titled "Creation Ex Nihilo" and deals with the creation week and the language of Genesis. The third section deals with Eden and man's relationship to woman. The fourth section is titled "Disgrace and Grace" and deals with sin and the history of biblical events like the Fall, the Tower of Babel, the Flood, and man's need for a return to God.

Jacoby has a dry and useful sense of humor, and he weaves in answers to a lot of commonly asked questions in his narrative. The length of the days of Genesis, how people lived to be very old, the age of the earth, etc., all are addressed. This is a useful book to those who are struggling with their faith or have questions about the Genesis account and the facts that are known to modern man. It does not answer the question of the existence of God per se, but it is a good supportive work. We recommend it.

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