I would like to thank all of you who were so gracious and so generous in supporting me and my family in dealing with the death of my wife, Phyllis, on May 9, 2008.  The donations to this ministry and the American Diabetes Association were enormous, and the cards, letters, and e-mails just overwhelmed me.  We were planning our 50th wedding anniversary in a few months, and Phyllis' role in this ministry was huge.  This journal was her major project and I am sure its quality will suffer with the second string team doing it, but we do plan to continue.  I also know my personal efforts will be far less effective without my best friend and companion here to prevent me from saying and doing stupid things.  Bear with me and forgive me.

I do want to assure you that as long as God gives us the strength to do so, this work will go on.  We have a good team in place and we love each other and work well together.  Karl Marcussen and Roland Earnst will work together to do what Phyllis did.  I can almost hear her saying, "Yes, it takes two men to do what one woman does."  Marion Owens continues to be our volunteer proofreader.  Linda Glover has assumed Phyl's management of the books and finances, and all of us together will try to serve the Lord and those of you who feel we can help in matters of faith and belief in God.

Through all of this we were able to do all of our scheduled lectureships, and we intend to continue that aspect of our work.  We are in the final stages of four new presentations in our DVD series.  We also have a new children's series on the design of the human body well along and hope to have it available before long.  Several book projects are in various stages of writing.

Keep us in your prayers and remember me as I struggle through the unfamiliar territory of being single again.

In Christian Love,

John N. Clayton

--John N. Clayton

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