Most of us have seen television shows in which crocodiles in Australia are shown eating something.  It does not seem to matter whether it is a large animal or a fish, anything that gets close to the water in which a crocodile lives is likely to end up being eaten.  Researchers studying wallabies in Australia's Northern Territory where crocodiles are numerous have found that wallabies have discovered a way to avoid being eaten.

When wallabies come to the river to drink, they do not get anywhere near the water.  Instead they will stop some distance from the river and dig a hole.  The water from the river will seep into the hole providing them with the water that they need, but they are far enough from the water that a crocodile would have a very difficult time attacking them.

Dr. J. Sean Doody, who has been directing the study, says that they will dig the holes further from the river if the river has large numbers of crocodiles than they will if there are only a few crocodiles.  Whether this behavior is instinctive or learned has not been determined, but it is a wonderful way of preserving an animal that is especially vulnerable to sudden attack at water holes.  God provides in wonderful and surprising ways to preserve balance in nature.  Source: Natural History magazine, May 2007, page 13.

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