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  If you have been in the woods for any significant period of time, you have undoubtedly had an experience with an animal and camouflage. It may be a grouse that you did not see until it takes off unexpectedly from right in front of you. Perhaps there is a lizard on a tree or a fence post that was almost invisible to you because its colors matched the object it was on. For years evolutionists used the peppered moth as an example of evolution in which a population of moths changed color to match the new environment in which they found themselves, making it harder for their enemies to see them. In the oceans, camouflage is even more effective and more complex because of the wider range of colors and the effect the water has on how color is visualized.

cuddlefishThe champion of camouflage in the ocean is probably the cuttlefish. The cuttlefish is a cephalopod, related to squid and octopus. I have snorkeled in areas where there were large numbers of these creatures and have seen the huge range of colors and patterns their bodies can display. These cuttlefish have no color vision themselves, so they do not choose backgrounds to hide in. Dr. J. Kenneth Wickiser at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point has been studying this issue with new imaging technology called Hyper Spectral Imaging (HSI). Instead of using the usual three windows of color vision (red, green, and blue) this new technology uses 540 windows covering the entire spectrum. The cuttlefish color capacity is so good that it exceeds the biological capacity of the fish’s predators so the only tool the predator has for seeing the cuttlefish is the brightness. In normal lighting the cuttlefish can be right in front of a predator and the predator cannot see it.

The design of this camouflage system is incredible. Man’s most complex technologies have enabled us to see how it works, but we cannot duplicate the mechanism. All we can do is admire it. Without such a complex system, these creatures would be wiped out very quickly, but sophisticated wisdom and planning has given them safety in a hostile world. Such design speaks of a Designer who gave animals what they need to survive, and did so with some techniques we are still struggling to understand. Everywhere we look, God’s wonder-working hand has gone before.

Source: http://www.scientificcomputing.com/news-IN-Colorblind-Animals-Change-Colors-to-Blend-into-the-Background-051711.aspx

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