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ocean and beachThose of us who live hundreds or even thousands of miles from the ocean are aware that oceans exist, and we may even be aware of some of the life forms that inhabit the oceans. We may be less well informed about how much the oceans affect our daily lives and how they make life on land possible.

The oceans contain all of the elements necessary for life to exist. These elements have been dissolved from the crust of the earth and have then been locked up in rock deposits like halite (salt), gypsum (calcium sulfate), dolomite (calcium magnesium carbonate), and many others. Marine organisms make shell material out of these elements. Oil is produced by organisms taking material from the sea. As oceans dry up or are displaced, these great mineral deposits end up far inland. Kentucky’s famous bluegrass is blue because of magnesium present in an ancient ocean.

The oceans also allow weather systems that sustain life on earth. Most of the land on earth is located in the Northern Hemisphere, so the Southern Hemisphere is mostly water. When the earth is closest to the sun the Southern Hemisphere faces the sun. Since it is mostly water, a majority of the extra energy of the sun is focused on the water. Water holds a large amount of heat without raising the temperature very much. If the part of the earth facing the sun when it is the closest were mostly land it would cause extremely high temperatures. When the earth is at its greatest distance from the sun more land faces the sun allowing temperatures to rise without becoming extreme.

Because water absorbs so much heat it provides warmth to the entire planet during times of cold, so even places north of the Arctic Circle have substantial heat available. This heat also evaporates massive amounts of water providing rain which brings life to all parts of the planet. Even in places thousands of miles from the ocean, much of the water that falls as rain began its journey to the clouds in the ocean.

Proverbs 8:28 – 30 talks about the wisdom used to create and control the sea and the more we learn about the sea and its vital role in sustaining the planet, the more we marvel at that wisdom.

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