Does God Exist? The Great Debate

Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, 1990, 320 pages

In March, 1988, a debate was held at the University of Mississippi on two basic questions. The first involved the question of whether or not ethics depend on God and the second on the existence of God. The two debaters were Kai Nielsen (representing the atheist view) and J. P. Moreland (representing the believer's view). The debate has been put into the form of a book with three additional sections in which atheists and believers respond to the debate. The reviewers are William Lane Craig, Antony Flew, Keith Parsons, and Dallas Willard. There are two bibliographies given--one of atheist's material and one of believer's material. Moreland and Nielsen are philosophers and this work is predominantly a philosophical work.

This is an easy to read and understand book. The material is friendly in approach and fairly basic as philosophical materials go. Virtually all major philosophers are included in the discussion with extensive quotes and explanations. Good arguments are made by both sides and, while the discussion tends to always end in a standoff, there are useful points made to any reader regardless of their preconceived ideas. The book tries very hard to be neutral and open and, in the view of this writer, it succeeds.

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